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Be EV-Ready early with the DCC-BOX

The DCC-BOX, modeled and using the technology of the original DCC design, was constructed to respond to the feedback of electricians, electrical professionals and multi-unit residential building (MURB) stakeholders alike. It is an electric vehicle energy management system (EVEMS) that supports the installation of a large amount of chargers, in buildings with minimal space in the electrical room or irregular parking lot layouts, where energy capacity is an issue, or most profitably, in new builds where EV-readiness can be built and factored into the design.

Act now, charge later with the DCC by RVE

RVE’s patented technology, the electrical component called the DCC-PCB, can be installed later, at the same time a request for a charger is made, with no risk of additional costs to infrastructure, such as wiring, cabling, and cable trays, because these components would have been considered when the DCC-BOXES were installed. 

When the DCC-PCB is installed, the outcome is the same as what is offered with other DCC products:

  • offloading energy to off-peak hours;
  • individualized billing;
  • control over electricity use at the best rates.

This is ideal for condo boards and property managers who would have to manage the electricity and billing for all of the owners using chargers, otherwise. And it staggers the cost of what might be a costly charging project.

Simplify your charging infrastructure installations

Electrical professionals already know the frustration, and property managers are encountering the reality of waiting for the results of a load calculation for an energy capacity study before being able to fully electrify and install chargers in a parking lot. A load calculation will always be the first step in designing a charging strategy when the goal is to install electric vehicle (EV) chargers in each parking space. But these studies can take more than a year’s wait for results. With the DCC-BOX you can act now by installing the infrastructure, effectively making the parking lot EV-ready, even before energy capacity results are in. And given that there are still provincial and federal government rebates and subsidies on offer, updating the infrastructure of your building for charging in the future is a project a condo or strata board would benefit from considering in the present.

The advantages of the DCC-BOX

Can be installed before an energy capacity study is completed
Staggers the cost of an electric vehicle energy management system (EVEMS)
Prepares infrastructure for when chargers are ready to be installed
Offers all of the same advantages of the DCC product line:

  • Energy management and simplified billing:
  • CSA & UL certified
  • Made in Canada

Have any more questions for us?

RVE created the DCC-BOX to help prepare property managers, and all other multi-unit residents and stakeholders, to approach charging as a unified plan because installing chargers one-at-a-time is costly and can mean multiple years of construction. RVE has a staff of charging consultants to help electrical professionals and property managers choose the best model and product for their project.

To assist property and condo managers one further, they can visit Murbly, the information brand of RVE, for videos, templates and tools that explain how to achieve a unified EV ready plan in multi unit residential buildings (MURBs).

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