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Meet the RVE team dedicated to the United States energy management market

EV home charging specialists USA

Get to know our team of experts

Over the past few months, we have constituted a team of EV charging specialists dedicated to the US market, as the demand and our desire to help Americans to have access to reliable and safe EV home charging and load management solutions keep growing.

You might have already come in contact with our team, whether by email, phone or at events and tradeshows, but you probably don’t know the story that led them to RVE.

So, how about getting to know these energy management experts a little bit better? Discover all about Breda Potter, Director of Sales, Jodine Baluk, EV Charging Specialist – West Coast, and Christopher R. Ewings, EV Charging Specialist – East Coast in the article below.

Breda Potter, Director of Sales

00:00 – Intro 00:18 – Does Breda have experience in the electrical industry? 00:38 – Does Breda own an electric vehicle? 01:02 – Can Breda name two qualities that will make her stand out in her position at RVE? 01:28 – Does Breda invest in real estate? 02:10 – Does Breda garden? 02:30 – Does Breda fish? 02:46 – Does Breda have dual citizenship? 03:24 – What was the reason that made you apply to RVE?

Jodine Baluk, EV Charging Specialist – West Coast

00:00 – Intro 00:28 – Does Jodine spend a lot of time outdoors? 00:37 – Does Jodine take her bike on the road? 00:55 – Does Jodine have a favorite spot to bike? 01:14 – What are Jodine’s ties to Canada and the US? 01:33 – Does Jodine have a background in the electric industry? 02:00 – How does Jodine’s early studies in the environment help her at RVE? 02:28 – What is Jodine’s take on sustainability in the EV industry? 03:20 – Why did Jodine apply to RVE?

Christopher R. Ewings, EV Charging Specialist – East Coast

00:00 – Intro 00:21 – How does Chris get moving? 00:37 – Where does Chris spend his time in the US? 00:50 – How does Chris see New England adapting to transportation electrification? 01:18 – Does Chris have any US East Coast to East Canada connections? 01:40 – Does Chris have a dream road trip destination? 01:59 – Does Chris have a background in the electrical industry? 02:32 – How does Chris see electric vehicles impacting the grid? 03:00 – What is important to Chris when it comes to making changes to transportation? 03:24 – What was the reason that Chris applied to RVE?

Get to know our products

Breda, Jodine and Chris are there to help you navigate through our product offering to make sure you get your hands on the best RVE energy management solution for your needs. Whether you need to manage EV charging stations for an entire multi-unit dwelling or the load of a hot tub in a single-family home, we got you covered.

Our Team

Discover the faces behind the load management scenes

Our entire team is made of passionate individuals who believe there is a better way to manage our energy needs and are working towards solutions that can benefit all North-Americans.

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