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Case Study

43-unit low-rise

In this Saint-Bruno condo building, requests to install EV chargers began as early as 2013. However, no suitable charging solution was on the market at the time, and any addition of charging infrastructure would have required expensive and complex work. Over the years, requests multiplied, leading to the implementation of a 100% EV-Ready strategy in order to maintain the building’s value in relation to other surrounding condo buildings. The installation of RVE technologies took place in 2022, and was completed by Les Entreprises Électriques Roberge et Lambert.

Technical Specifications

Type of construction

existing building (retrofit)

Type of occupancy


Building size

26 to 50 units

Number of floors

5 or less

Number of paking spaces

51 to 100

Location of electricity meters

accessible from the parking spaces

Location of parking spaces

indoors, covered

Type of parking spaces


Products used


Powering an electric vehicle charging infrastructure in a multi-unit building where the electric meters are located in the garage basement (accessible).


A capacity study was carried out by engineering firm CDI Groupe Conseil to assess the building’s residual energy capacity. The results of the report showed that there was insufficient capacity to connect all 43 32A chargers simultaneously.

The DCC charge controller solution was chosen, and the chargers installed were all limited to 20A to allow all residents to plug in their electric vehicles simultaneously, thus protecting the building’s electrical input.

DCCs were installed for all units in the building:

  • DCC-9 for units with an electrical panel of 125A or less
  • DCC-11 for units with a 200A electrical panel