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Case Study

Single-family home in San Jose, CA

This 30-year-old home seamlessly accommodated RVE technology to power an electric vehicle charger. The work was completed in 2022 by the team at Willow Glen Electric.


Type of construction

single-family home

Location of electrical panel

accessible from the parking space

Electrical panel capacity


Location of the parking space

outside, possible wet conditions (rain/snow)



Power an electric vehicle charging infrastructure for a single-family home with a full electric panel.


To power a charging infrastructure installed in this single-family home with a 100A panel at full capacity, a DCC-12 was installed.

“The addition of the device added about $2,000 to the cost of the charger installation, and some of the expense will be covered by a new federal tax credit. In the grand scheme of things, the extra money seemed well worth it. The installation was accomplished in one afternoon, then inspected a few weeks later. The device works beautifully, provides round-the-clock protection for the ample Level 2 charger mounted on the outside of the garage.”

Doug Peterson
House owner

Electrical panel