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Case Study

The 1248

This 144-unit condominium in downtown Montreal is 100% EV Ready, thanks to the installation of RVE products for each parking space. Completed in 2024, the project was skillfully carried out by the Gaston Ouellette et Fils team.

Technical Specifications

Type of construction

existing building (retrofit)

Type of occupancy


Building size

101 to 200 units

Number of floors

6 to 10

Number of parking spaces

26 to 100

Location of electricity meters

Location of parking spaces

indoor, covered

Type d’espaces de stationnement


Products Used


Powering an electric vehicle charging infrastructure for all indoor parking spaces in a multi-unit building where the electric meters are located in the garage basement (accessible).


Using a homogenous solution was possible to power charging infrastructure between all indoor parking spaces of this condo building and the EV chargers that were requested to be installed. Indeed, all meters are accessible, allowing the use of DCCs everywhere.

  • DCC-9-BOX, DCC-9-BOX3 and DCC-9-BOX6 to provide charging infrastructure without installing chargers right away
  • DCC-9 for units with an electrical panel of 125A and less in need of a charging station right away

A total of 72 DCCs were installed on the second floor of the underground parking garage. Cable trays have been installed on the second floor of the parking for future connection of charging stations, and pull boxes have been installed for cable routing between the two parking levels. 10 charging stations have been installed to date.

“We’ve installed DCC-BOX columns to connect the charging stations. We’ve had a request for 10 charging stations to start with, but at least everything will be ready to install more charging stations in the future; all we’ll have to do is add the PCB electronic component inside the DCC-BOX.”

Mathieu Bernard
Electrician, Gaston Ouellette et Fils

Electrical room