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Case Study

58-unit mid-rise

Following the installation of EV charging in Phase 2 of this condo complex in Saint-Lambert (QC), common infrastructure was also installed in Phase 4 to ensure a smooth implementation of future demands. RVE technologies were installed by the team at Lilco Electric inc.

Technical Specifications

Type of construction

existing building (retrofit)

Type of occupancy


Building size

51 to 100 units

Number of floors

6 to 10

Number of parking spaces

51 to 100

Location of electricity meters

accessible from the parking spaces

Location of parking spaces

indoor, covered

Type of parking spaces


Products used


Powering an electric vehicle charging infrastructure in a multi-unit building where the electric meters are located in the garage basement (accessible).


Using a homogenous solution was possible to power charging infrastructure between the units of this condo building and the EV chargers that were requested to be installed. Indeed, all meters are accessible, allowing the use of DCCs everywhere.

  • DCC-9 for units with an electrical panel of 125A and less in need of a charger now